April 26, 2019


I work with a growing list of independent and self-publishing authors as a full-time freelance editor, so it's always exciting when one of the titles I've edited goes on to get published. You can learn more about my affordable book editing services by clicking here, or why not read the reviews from some authors I've worked with recently by clicking here?




Earlier this year, I worked with debut author G. M. Gabriels on a full developmental edit of the first book in their series THE FALLEN GATES, PART ONE: NOW. The narrator of this story, Summer Jones, had me laughing out loud throughout the story with her dark humor and sassy commentary of the world around her...and, wow, what a world it was!


In THE FALLEN GATES, everyone is living in the New World, facing the after-effects of life after the gates between worlds have fallen. Vampires clash with werewolves clash with fae clash with humans (or, should I say, 'blood bags'—where vamps are concerned, at least!). It's a fast-paced story of survival in the ongoing war between worlds, with some seriously sexy vampires, werewolves, and fae on the prowl, and Summer Jones is about to find out, she might be way more connected to the supernaturals than she originally thought...







'My name is Summer Jones, and I am a survivor in the New World. At least, I was surviving pretty well until the vampires selected me. To be their next servant, lady for the night, or blood bag, I'm not sure. All I know is that I need to get out of here. I'm on a one-woman mission to find answers—to find him—and I don't have time to be distracted by blood-sucking vamps, panty-dropping fae, or hungry werewolves.


So, it's really bad luck the supernaturals just selected me on a day when the gates between worlds seem to have opened again. Now, thanks to my glowing dignity, I've got to save the life of this irritating, arrogant vampire, the same one who was after my blood just a few hours ago, or risk losing my own and my panties to the dark fae.


This sucks. But not as much as waking up with battle wounds in a werewolf's bed—as if this day couldn't get any worse!


With no means of escape and no one to trust, caught up in this ongoing war between worlds, I'm beginning to question everything I thought I knew. Because, thanks to my fading luck, now the gates have opened again, and I'm standing in front of a familiar face from the past, one I definitely didn't expect to bump into here.


I'm starting to wonder, what if the answers I've been searching for have been waiting on the other side of the gates all along? And why, all of a sudden, is the idea of playing blood bag for this irritating jerk of a vampire beginning to look a lot less...thirsty?'



Click here to purchase THE FALLEN GATES, PART ONE: NOW on Amazon




I had so much fun editing THE FALLEN GATES, PART ONE: NOW, so I was delighted to receive a copy in the mail direct from the author! It's always a lovely surprise to get a handwritten thank-you from the authors I work with, and I have to say, the cover artwork and formatting on this paperback are outstanding, too! Huge congratulations to you, G. M. Gabriels!





Be sure to join Summer Jones for her journey through the fallen gates and leave a review if you do! Click here to purchase your copy on Amazon now!




"Bryony was simply the best I could have hoped for. She pays so much attention to tiny details of your story and your writing that you feel like your manuscript is in good, caring hands. She answered all my questions (even the weird ones) and helped me through struggling moments in every possible way. And just to put a cherry on top, she is just a genuinely fantastic person to talk to or have business with. Thank you, Bryony, it was a pleasure!"

- G. M. Gabriels, author of THE FALLEN GATES, PART ONE: NOW






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