10 Twitter Hashtags for Writers

March 7, 2018



You don’t have to look far to find a writer on Twitter. They’re online constantly, dipping out of writing sessions to tweet about their latest character development or to enthusiastically retweet links encouraging followers to read their friends’ novels. Twitter for writers is a supportive community, there’s no doubt about it.


Whether you’re just starting out on Twitter, or you’re a well-versed tweeter looking to connect with more likeminded writers and readers, here are 20 Twitter hashtags for writers that will help you to expand your reach faster.



1.  #AmWriting

Probably one of the best-known hashtags for writers. Commonly mistaken for a hashtag only to be used in the A.M., you’ll be relieved to know that writers on Twitter use this hashtag round the clock to tell the world just about anything related to their writing endeavours!



2.  #WriterWednesday

Yep, you guessed it: This Twitter hashtag is for writers who want to chat about their craft on a Wednesday!



3.  #WritersLife

A writer’s life can be lonely, but not when you’re tweeting with this hashtag!



4.  #UKYAChat

If you write or read UK-based Young Adult fiction, this is the hashtag to use to connect with your people! The conversation happens bi-weekly and has some awesome guests!





5.  #IndieAuthors

It’s all in the name! This is the hashtag for independent authors to connect and share their books with readers and fellow writers.



6.  #WordCount

Celebrate everyday milestones by using this hashtag to tweet your word count. Just…don’t forget to tweet more than just the number, or you could be missing out on a great opportunity to draw new readers to your work! Including a link, an image, or a line from your project will help your tweet to stand out.



7.  #NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month. You’ve probably already heard about it, but if not—well, you probably don’t use Twitter much. Throughout November each year, this hashtag is a at the tail end of a crazy number of tweets. You’ll see variants like #CampNano crop up earlier in the year, too.





8.  #RomanceWriter

A great hashtag for Romance writers and readers to connect, share their work, swap writing tips and make friends…maybe even fall in love? (Okay, now there’s some serious story inspiration! You’re welcome...)



9.  #AskAgent

If you’re looking for industry insider info, this is a great Twitter hashtag for writers. Literary agents regularly trawl this hashtag to answer questions and give advice about the publishing process in all its forms. A networking opportunity, perhaps?



10.  #FridayReads

This is the hashtag for writers who want to grow their audience. Get creative and make your tweet stand out with images, links, and teasers from your WIP or latest publication. Keep at it regularly enough and your dream audience will find you!




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