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WHITE ABYSS, by Stephanie Terault

March 13, 2019



WHITE ABYSS, by Stephanie Terault



I work with a growing list of independent and self-publishing authors as a full-time freelance editor, so it's always so exciting when one of the titles I've edited goes on to be published. 


Last year, I worked with debut author Stephanie Terault to perform a full-manuscript copy edit of her heart-wrenching novel WHITE ABYSS. Right from the very first sample, this story left me with such an earworm for 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' and transported me right back in time to the sixties, where the novel's protagonist Ryan Clancey first meets his high-school sweetheart Lucille, and so, the story begins...








Hope is something Ryan Clancey has always had: for a happy marriage with his high-school sweetheart; for a safe return from Vietnam; for a daughter to be waiting for him on the home front. But Hope isn't enough to calm the war raging in Lucille's disturbed mind, and soon, Ryan finds himself in the firing line of his wife's history—the last man standing.

His battle to save their marriage marks the start of a dark, dismal abyss that will shadow the young soldier for the next two decades. How can he construct a future with the vestiges of an imperfect past? And with so many of Ryan's milestones ending in pain, is it too much to believe that there might be light at the end of the tunnel...?

White Abyss is a story about love, lies, heartache, and fear, and one man's journey to rediscover Hope in the darkest of times.


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With a plot driven by Ryan and Lucille's deeply emotional romance, with heartbreaking scenes of love and loss that'll tap right on your tear ducts, WHITE ABYSS tells a powerful story of one man's devotion to his family, and the lengths to which he'll go to rediscover light even in the darkest of times.


Reserve a weekend for this one and read it with a friend so you can blub away the feelings together. It's a gripping burst of escapism with so many tender moments you'll want to reach through the pages and hug the characters tight. But don't worry, the ending is a satisfying one! I think you'll love it, just like I did.


Massive congratulations to Stephanie on the publication of WHITE ABYSS. I can't wait to read more of your beautiful work!



Keep up to date with author Stephanie Terault on the following:


Twitter: @estefthewriter


Barnes and Noble: WHITE ABYSS

Amazon: Stephanie Terault




Click here to purchase WHITE ABYSS from Barnes and Noble.






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