Win 50,000 words of free copy editing for your novel!

March 10, 2018



Editing is expensive. No joke. Ever dreamed of working with an editor and not stressing over money? Well, this opportunity might just make your dreams come true...!


Want to win 50,000 words of free copy editing for your novel?


If you've worked with me since I began freelance book editing, you'll know just how passionate I am about supporting authors along their path to success—and not just by tidying up their grammar or helping tie together a tricky subplot. I care about offering advice, sharing knowledge about the publishing process, and cheerleading for the writers I work with long after I've returned their novels. Why? Because I wholeheartedly believe that every writer deserves access to a quality editor, no matter where or when they began their story. 


As part of my aim to support talented writers who wouldn't otherwise have access to an editor, I'm giving away 50,000 words of free copy editing to one lucky winner, selected randomly on Saturday 31st March 2018.


According to my editorial rates, that's a prize worth up to £600.00 GBP! This is an opportunity that doesn't come around very often, so take advantage and enter the giveaway while it's still running!



What's included in the prize?


If your name is selected on the day, you'll be able to claim 50,000 words of free copy editing OR 50,000 words of free proofreading for your novel. Don't worry if you haven't finished writing those 50,000 words just yet, because you can redeem your prize any time up until Sunday 30th September 2018!


Not sure what copy editing or proofreading is? Visit my copy editing and proofreading pages to find out more about what you can win.



How do I enter?


Visit my Twitter profile (@bry_mag) and retweet my pinned tweet advertising the giveaway (it's right at the top of my Twitter profile).


You must be following me (@bry_mag) on Twitter to win.


Each retweet = 1 entry into the competition. You can enter as many times as you like, but you must not retweet the pinned tweet more than twice per day.


The winner will be announced on Saturday 31st March 2018.




Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  • The giveaway is open to writers from any geographical location, but the novel must be written in the English language to qualify for the prize.

  • The winner will be randomly selected using an online software.

  • 1 retweet = 1 entry into the giveaway. Multiple retweets may increase your chance of winning.

  • The winner will be announced on Saturday 31st March 2018.

  • The winner will be contacted on Twitter directly after the announcement has been made to discuss their novel and to arrange the details of the prize.

  • Entrants must not retweet the pinned tweet more than 2 times per day (24-hour period) to prevent spam.

  • The winning novel can be in any fiction genre, but entrants should maintain an awareness that my specialism lies in editing the following genres: Romance, Teen Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Erotica, New Adult Fiction, and Romantic Suspense.

  • The winner is under no commitment to continue working with me after they have claimed their prize if their novel exceeds 50,000 words.

  • The 50,000 words of editing will be completed around my working schedule, so the winner must be flexible with their deadline for return (within reason).

  • The prize can be redeemed at any date before Sunday 30th September 2018.

  • The 50,000 words of copy editing or proofreading cannot be split between novels or short stories; the prize is copy editing or proofreading for 1 novel or short story only.

  • If the winner is not following me (@bry_mag) on Twitter at the time of the prize draw, they will not qualify for the prize.


So, what are you waiting for...?


This is an awesome opportunity to get some free support for the novel you're working on, or to dust off that old NaNoWriMo manuscript and pass it on to someone who can offer a fresh set of eyes! It doesn't take much to hit 'Retweet' and give yourself a chance at winning, so get tweeting and good luck!!





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