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Still Waters


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Macy Rollins hasn't returned to the Vanderhalls' lake house since the summer she turned seventeen. Only she and Leo Vanderhall know what really happened the afternoon her dad died, and it's the reason she's spent five long years erasing all thoughts of the boy she used to love.

Now, they're back in Central Florida in their childhood twin room, stifled by her new boyfriend's hot temper and murky memories of a long-ago infatuation. So much seems different—at least on the surface.

But with the enduring August heat starting to burn away the top layer of their secrets, it's getting harder to ignore the blistering half-dreams that tug Macy away from George and right back under Leo's skin...

The Popularity Debt


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Maddie Elliot and Ingrid Brooke are total opposites. When the two girls' worlds collide in small-town Hallow's Wood and an unlikely friendship forms, both of their lives are transformed forever.

With Ingrid's help, Maddie is swept fast off her feet into a game of high-school popularity, and it's amazing...until things slowly start to go wrong.

Letters from a secret admirer, older brothers harboring dark answers to even darker questions, and a secret pact that'll soon make them realize all friendships come at a price. With so much going on, can the girls stop themselves from falling deeper and deeper into the popularity debt?

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Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster)

Anna Todd (#1 internationally bestselling author of the After series) headlines this unique anthology of “imagines”—the first book of its kind—stories from Wattpad writers that immerse you in a fantasy world of fame, adventure, and flirtation with your favorite celebrities.


Let your fantasies take over! That’s what the top Wattpad authors have done in this special collection of fictional scenarios that bring you up close and personal with the real celebrities you love!

Bryony Leah, freelance editor, freelance writer, affordable book editor, affordable book editing services, ebook editor, romance editor, fiction editor


Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster)

This is fanfiction at its best, from your favorite Wattpad authors! In this collection drawn from the Imagines anthology come five stories putting “YOU” alongside the celebrities you wish were your BFFs.

A unique and daring series of imagines in which you get to become besties with big-name celebrities! Told in the second-person, “you” get to step into these unpredictable encounters, such as that time you romanced Channing Tatum and helped him perfect his outrageously sexy new dance move... 




When high school sweethearts Lloyd and Tiffany are found murdered in the woods on prom night, all eyes turn to the five students who were with them in the hours before for answers to the mystery of their unexpected deaths. Someone knows what happened. Somebody's lying. The question is, how long can the others keep quiet? And who can be trusted to tell the truth?


Dreamworks commissioned project, promotional tie-in for The Runaways series. See "Between The Lies" featured on AwesomenessTV!



"The Sleeping Arrangement"

Short Story

Pub. 2014

WiTH Magazine

"Thirteen Months: A Fragmented Confession"


Pub. 2015


"The First Night"

Netflix Commissioned Story - Promotional Tie-in for "Thirteen Reasons Why" Original Series

Pub. 2017


"A Gift for Nimra"

Lionsgate Commissioned Story - Promotional Tie-in for "Wonder" Feature Film

Pub. 2017

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