Messages from a small selection of writers who have used my affordable book editing services.

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THE SWEETEST OBLIVION by Danielle Lori, Bryony Leah Editor
THE MADDEST OBSESSION by Danielle Lori, Bryony Leah Editor

"Bryony has an incredible attention to detail and is a joy to work with. Her feedback made my novel so much better and I’m so happy—and relieved—that I found her."


Danielle Lori

The Sweetest Oblivion  The Maddest Obsession  |  The Darkest Temptation

The End of Hatred, Rebecca Hefner, Proof
The Elusive Sun, Rebecca Hefner, Proofre
The Darkness Within, Rebecca Hefner, Edi
The Reluctant Savior, Rebecca Hefner, Ed

"Bryony is such a fantastic proofreader and editor, and it was such a pleasure to work with her. I felt I needed one good read through of all my books before publishing wide to correct misplaced commas and any snarky errors left that I couldn't see due to 'author blindness.' Not only did her corrections make me extremely confident to put the books out on multiple platforms, but she got them back to me so quickly! Also, I would have questions from time to time and email her, and she would always respond back within minutes, which wasn't needed but was very much appreciated. I can't say enough about the skill and service she provides. I will absolutely be using her for final proofreads of all my books moving forward!"


Rebecca Hefner

The End of Hatred | The Elusive Sun  | The Darkness Within  |  The Reluctant Savior 

Two Souls United  | A Paradox of Fates A Destiny Reborn  |  A Timeline Restored

"As a new author, finding an editor seemed daunting. It's such an important step, and you want to make sure you find the right fit. I shouldn't have worried. From Bryony's first email to her sample edit, and all the way through the editing process, she exceeded my expectations. Her skill level is immediately apparent and working with her has helped me produce a book that I'm proud to publish. If you're searching for an editor who's friendly, responsive, and who truly puts time and care into your novel, then hire Bryony. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future!"


Jenna Collett

Spellbound After Midnight  |  Wolfish Charms  | Stranded and Spellbound  | Shatter The Dark

"A close author friend referred me to Bryony, and I am thanking my lucky stars for it! She is personable, professional, detailed, thorough, communicative, prompt, and pleasant. Yes, she truly is all those things. I've worked with many betas, editors, and proofreaders, and it's not every day you find such a gem. I'm confident in her work, and I'm happy to highly recommend her."


T.L. Martin

Liar, Liar


"Bryony was a joy to work with. She was quick to respond to emails, friendly, and did an excellent job with the manuscript. The comments she provided were clear, she had great attention to detail, and she had a positive energy throughout.  I’m so happy with how the manuscript turned out! Thank you, Bryony!"


Lauren Palphreyman

Devils Inc.

Clayton, Rachelle Mills, Editor, Bryony

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you. When you edited Clayton and did such a good job, I did a query, and a publisher picked the book up. I could not have secured a publisher without the effort you put into the story with the edit. It was number two yesterday in the werewolf genre on Amazon. For me, that's huge, and I realize that without you, I would never have had the courage to query because of my grammar skills. You made it shine, and I just wanted you to know this. Look what you are doing for people, letting them have confidence in a story enough to query. It might not be a giant agent picking up the book, but for me, this is a giant win in my writing career."


Rachelle Mills



"Bryony is nothing short of phenomenal—as a person and in her work. All nerves and doubts were eased about the editing process from day one, and from her free sample edit, her expert skill level and attention to detail is immediately apparent. Bryony’s edits are invaluable, and her comments of both praise and constructive feedback gave me the confidence to publish a novel I’m proud of. Bryony goes above and beyond and will really treat your manuscript with the care and attention it deserves. If you need a professional, affordable editor, look no further than Bryony as with that, you’ll also receive a cheerleader for your hard work and an abundance of advice and support. I can't wait to work with Bryony again."


C.C. Peñaranda

An Heir Comes to Rise

TRACE THE EDGES by Laura Cacace, Bryony Leah Editor

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been so incredible all along—easy to talk to, clear with your ideas and notes, patient with my questions, and of course, you've been so passionate about Charlotte's story, which just means the world to me. I am so, so glad I reached out to you all those months ago, and I appreciate your time, hard work, and dedication more than I could even put into words."


Laura Cacace

Trace The Edges


"Bryony is the best! She is a wonderful person and a wonderful editor. It was a joy to work with her because she made herself readily available and responded to emails in a timely manner. Her comments, advice, edits, and opinions were so worthwhile, they made my manuscript a thousand times better. She saw hidden areas in my story and provided great ways to strengthen them, which transformed my book into a more polished product. I cannot thank Bryony enough! Without her, I don’t know where I would be."


Sara M Schaller

The Genesis of Seven

WHITE ABYSS by Stephanie Terault, Bryony Leah Editor

"I’ve been working with Bryony for almost two months but it feels like I’ve known and worked with her for years by how personable she is. She is quick with responses, does a thorough examination of the work, and gives detailed feedback. Overall, it has been easy working with Bryony and the process has been painless! I am definitely going to be a returning client!"


Stephanie Terault

White Abyss

THE FALLEN GATES by G.M. Gabriels, Bryony Leah Editor

"Bryony was simply the best I could have hoped for. She pays so much attention to tiny details of your story and your writing that you feel like your manuscript is in good, caring hands. She answered all my questions (even the weird ones) and helped me through struggling moments in every possible way. And just to put a cherry on top, she is a genuinely fantastic person to talk to and do business with. Thank you, Bryony, it was a pleasure!"


G.M. Gabriels

The Fallen Gates: Part One  |  The Fallen Gates: Part Two

AKALAMDUG'S TIME GATE by Moriah Bat-Adam, Bryony Leah Editor

"I feel so very lucky to have found Bryony. She is an amazing person and a superb editor. She did a thorough, extremely professional job on my novel and improved it significantly. I was truly impressed by her attention to detail and appreciated her clear and helpful comments. It was a tremendous pleasure working with her, and I am really happy with the result. Thanks to her, I now feel confident to share my book with the rest of the world. I highly recommend Bryony and her editing services."


Moriah Bat-Adam

Akalamdug's Time Gate


"As a new author, working with Bryony is an eye-opening and excellent experience. She is very insightful, responsive, and shows incredible attention to detail. Her recommendations, editing, and proofreading are valuable while not infringing on the storyline or writing technique. These traits make working with Bryony a pleasure, and I'm eager to work with her in the future."


Reneé D. James



"I'd been looking for an editor for my first book for a while and then I met Bryony. Her positive energy, understanding of my previous bad experience, and patience made all the difference in the amazing experience it was to work with her. Not only did she give me feedback on the story and helped me cut it down, she also kept the parts I loved and helped me find a book cover designer. She made all the difference from the beginning to the end of this self-publishing journey. Thank you, Bryony!"


A. Sena Gomes

The Greatest Journey


"I am thoroughly impressed with Bryony's work as an editor. Her skill is top-tier and she's quick and punctual. All her responses to my questions and concerns came almost immediately, something that really eased my mind. She helped me to consider many aspects of my book in a different light and then improve upon those points. I really can't say enough about this friendly and professional editor. Without a doubt, I'll be asking for her help on all my future books."


Brad Sharpe

|  OWAW: Neither Is Sharp  OWAW: Both Require Maintenance  |

OWAW: Each Has Doubts


"Thanks to Bryony Leah for the proofread and overall doses of awesomeness I experience when we email each other. I'm so happy to have found you!"


Valerie Eubanks

I Learned How to Travel Solo and so Can You!

CPC logo.png

"Bryony has been researching and writing blogs for us for some time and does an excellent job. She regularly writes articles for industry journals and magazines we publish in and has assisted with web content. Additionally, she proofread our training courses, which proved invaluable. We would have no hesitation in recommending her services."


Mark Foster — Director

Child Protection Company  |  Fire Training Company  |  Food Hygiene Company

"Thank you so much for all your help. You really helped to make my story so much better, made it read sharper and clearer. Your comments and ideas about what I could add have helped me so much, and it has been nothing but wonderful to work with you."


Nina Hansen

Song of Winter

"Bryony was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful! I was blown away by the time and effort she put into editing my work. You could tell she thought about what would make the story better. All her suggestions were brilliant and much needed, all while maintaining my voice and style of writing. I truly appreciate the work she put into these edits!"


SJ Moquin


"Bryony is very familiar with the serial format and so she is able to be proficient in the way she edits for you. She helped edit my work in a way I truly appreciated as a serial writer."


Sarah Touissant

The Date (Overzealous Alphas) | Facebook 

"Bryony is very thorough, thoughtful, and is great at streamlining your work but still maintaining your voice and tone. She’s amazing at making your manuscript smoother to read and has a great way of raising any points that need addressing in a discursive way. For me, an editor needs to be someone I can trust to scrutinise my story, understand and question my characters' motivations, and be honest enough to tell me when something isn’t working and where I need stronger complications. Bryony is brilliant at all of those things, and I could tell she cared about helping me to tell the best version of my story that I could."


Mark Boutros

First Fool

"Thanks, Bryony, a great help with flagging errors and uncertainties, with detailed comments and considerations that made it clear you'd thought hard about how to help me get the best from my work."


Laurie Blake

Entropis: Reality Unravels

"Bryony took the time to understand and keep intact the core concepts in my manuscript. She worked around these while identifying and recommending corrections for story elements that didn’t work. Her extensive editorial skills alone make her a delight to work with. Her enthusiasm and consistent responsiveness are pleasant extras."


Bibin Mathew

"Last spring, I won a free copyedit of 50K words from Bryony Leah. After receiving back my manuscript, I was thoroughly impressed with Bryony's edits.

When I submitted the first 50K from my fantasy novel, I was confident there wouldn't be much to correct or tweak. I had edited it several times, along with five beta readers. I thought it was very polished, but Bryony found room for improvement. With a deft hand, she made tweaks to my prose for clarity and corrected grammatical mistakes that had snuck through or that I was oblivious to breaking. She also offered me some insightful and helpful general comments about what she had read.

On top of that, she was completely professional in her communications with me and easy to work with. Before starting to edit, she asked me questions to find out how I wanted my manuscript edited. If you're looking for a copyeditor or proofreader, I would highly recommend her!"


Meghan Tomlinson



"Bryony Leah edited my novel Permission to Touch. She has a keen eye for detail and was very thorough with her edit, fixing up those embarrassing typos that make a writer blush. She was also very prompt in returning the edited manuscript to me."


Rowena Wiseman

Permission to Touch


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