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All books featured on this page have been edited or proofread by me.
Please note that this is not a complete list of projects I've worked on. Many of my clients remain confidential, but all projects on this page have been included with the author's permission.

Simply hover over a book in the scrolling gallery to display the author's review of my professional book editing services, or click on a book cover to read the review in full.

If you've worked with me and would like to add your comment and links to this page, please drop me an email at



If you're interested in working with me and want to see your book added to this page, please get in touch!

All it takes is one simple email—introduce yourself and your novel, and let me know if you're working to a deadline and how I can help—and we could be taking the first steps toward getting your book published and looking beautiful just like those featured on this page!

For more information about my professional book editing services, please click here.

To get in touch, email me today at or use the contact form on this website. I can't wait to hear from you!

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